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  • Gather patient information & consent

    ...securely, efficiently, accurately

  • Build custom Questions to Improve Diagnosis and Outcomes

  • Survey patients for Health Audits and Business Performance

Collect patient information and consent !

Remove the clutter and inefficiency of paper forms and replace with electronic collection of information.Electronic authorisation and collection of data has been specifically enabled in the laws of Australia and New Zealand to encourage the use of technology and improve efficiency.


Allow the patient to provide you with their registration details at your clinic or hospital  from the comfort of their home.


Collect the patient's consent and acceptance of the terms & conditions you offer for their treatment.


Use the Admission questions to identify clinical alerts or possible anaesthetic complications and for Patient Reported Outcomes  


Survey your patients to report performance trends and meet CQI audit requirements.


Three Easy Steps


Allow your patients to provide you with their registration, admission or feedback information in their own time and then quickly verify the details as it updates their record.



Send an email to the patient when the booking is made or consent is required.



Form is completed by the patient at their home or in your waiting room.



Verify the details as the submitted form is saved to the patient's record

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Deliver the form to the patient and receive the submitted information using a secure, encrypted transmission protocol.
Include a unique, obfuscated patient ID in the link sent to the patient, which is transferred to the completed form and used to automatically match to the correct patient when the form data is imported into the database.
Use the server so that you don't compromise your own in-house servers.  Uses server hosts that are authorised to be used by Government Agencies for their online storage and business transactions.

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Use the patient's time to collect the information - not your staff.

Provide the link to the online form as soon as an appointment or booking is made.  Don't waste postage fees sending out paper copies of the form.

Register new or update existing patients from the information provided on the form.

Use the Track function to see if the form has been completed and follow-up well before the patient's consultation or admission is due.






Remove the opportunity to transcribe the wrong information when transferring the data from a paper form to the patient's electronic record.
Import the form data using a specially developed app to map the form fields with the relevant fields in the database.
Use human eyes to review and validate the form data before it is inserted in to the database.  Choose which patient information you want to update.