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Frequently Asked Questions


Can the forms be completed from our own website?

If you are using the On-Premise edition you will need to allow the data files to be written to a storage drive. If you are using the inCLOUD edition you will be provided with a hyperlink that will redirect the patient to the server.

Do we need to have Incisive's Hospital or Specialist products to use the online forms?

Anyone can use and complete the forms.  When the form is submitted you can get the form data as a XML or PDF file.  Incisive can also work with you to provide an application to map the form data to your database to allow you to import the data into other databases.

Some features are only available when the Incisive Specialist and Hospital applications are used.

Can we use a tablet to complete the form?

Any computer, tablet or smart-phone, that has a web browser, can be used.  The forms will reformat to fit the screen dimensions, however some forms may have a lot of questions which could make it more difficult to complete on a smart-phone.  Many practices provide the patient with a tablet to complete the form when they arrive.

How can I use the data collected in the form?

  Print the forms to include in a patient's physical folder.

  Use the XML data in applications or databases.

  In the 'Specialist Practice Manager' and 'Private Hospital Manager' applications, the data will:

- create or update an existing patient's personal information

- display health related information in the patient's clinical record

- exported to a spread-sheet for broad statistical analysis and trend monitoring

What is a Provider?

For the purpose of licensing, a Provider is regarded as the specialist clinician who provides professional services for the patients that complete the forms.  This may include consultants, surgeons or physicians but does not include nurses or therapists.  The Provider's name will appear from the 'Provider' selection list in the 'Appointment' section.  

What can we change on the form?

Both the Standard and the Premium editions have an 'Additional Information' section in which you can build your own specialty related questions and answers or present additional information related to visits or admission events.

Both editions allow you to enter your own Terms, Conditions, Privacy Policy & Agreement statements.

The Premium edition enables you to include your own logo for all the forms and also provides additional Abbreviated forms with fewer questions for faster completion.

Any other changes to the form layout or fields requires custom development which is available as a Special Service.

What sort of options can be used for the answers in the 'Additional Information' section?

You can construct the answers to be Text replies, Checkboxes, Radio buttons or Selection lists.  You can also include hyperlinks to web pages that might be relevant to the patient's treatment, or perhaps to a Google map page with directions to your facility, or just display text to provide information to the patient.

  Do we need a programmer to create the questions & answers for the 'Additional Information' section?

With a medium amount of skill and an ability to follow a few steps, you will be able to build your own questions and answers.  Or you can engage our Special Services to assist you.  You don't need any knowledge of coding.  

Can the answers be associated with values so that a 'Score' can be calculated for their answers?

With answers in the 'Additional Information' section, you can associate a value to each of them.  The Sum and Mean will be calculated and display in the patient's Notes when the form data is imported into an Incisive Specialist or Hospital application.  

This also applies to Feedback surveys where you want to aggregate the responses for trend analysis.

Do the patients need to physically sign the form?

Laws that enable Electronic Transactions specifically allow them to be 'signed' using electronic methods - but with some conditions.  We strongly recommend that you check with your legal advisors for your own piece-of-mind.

We still use paper records - can I print a copy of the form?

When you are about to import the form data to the patient's file, there are Print options that allow you to print the field names and the values entered.  You can also view and reprint this information from the patient's record in the 'Specialist Practice Manager' or the Private Hospital Manager' applications.The original form layout is only used for data input so the information that is collected will be viewed or printed with a different layout.

Can the patient get a copy of the information they entered?

On submission of the form, the patient is able to print or email themselves a copy of their information and which also includes the terms & conditions they agreed to.

When using Incisive's 'Specialist Practice' or 'Private Hospital' applications

Are the forms automatically imported to the patient's record?

All forms need to be viewed and verified before importing into the patient's record so that you are confident that only accurate information is stored in your database and not incorrectly completed information or spam.

Can I track the forms to find those that haven't been returned?

You can include a 'Tracking ID'  in the URL you send out, which is passed to the form and is included as form data when it is submitted. This allows you to see which forms are still outstanding.  Incisive's Specialist and Hospital applications can automatically include the Tracking ID and also report those that are outstanding.  

   For medico-legal purposes, is there a record of the original form data that the patient provided?

Yes, the original xml data file is stored on your server in the same location as the other files used in the Incisive application.  It includes the answers from the patient and also the text of the Terms & Conditions they they agreed to at the time the form was submitted.