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These Great Benefits

Using the inFORM application to collect and record patient information will provide you with a considerable range of benefits.

Save Staff Time

The only staff time that is required to update a patient's record is to verify the submitted form data before inserting into the database. Use patient time at home or the waiting-room to update their information.

Improve Data Accuracy

Importing the data removes the opportunity mis-keying the information. Staff review the form data that the patient has submitted.

Keep Records Up-To-Date

Easily update the patient's record with their latest details such as the email address that they are now using, Ensures the patient will receive the information you are sending.

Build Your Questions

Configure the form to include the questions relevant to a specialist or specialty, such as Pain or Mobility scores.Query the data provided for audit or peer-review meetings.

Quality Measures

Send feedback surveys to patients for your Continuous Quality Improvement audits.  Query the responses to report trends or identify specific patients.


Show your patients and referrers that you adopt modern practices.  Use this feature to market your services.


Patient Registration form - Essential

Patient Registration form - Comprehensive

Hospital Admission form

Minor procedure form

Feedback form

Your Terms & Conditions displayed

Your logo

Unlimited form submissions

Notification of form submission

Forms linked to patient ID

Import app to update patient record

'Patient Supplied' note created

Print PDF of submitted form data

Patient copy of form data

Custom questions

Sample question templates

Survey & Audit reporting

Separate per Specialist folder

Additional 'visiting' specialists/surgeons




monthly subscription per Provider

all taxes excluded



your server


1-5 Providers



6-10 Providers



> 10 Providers

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1-5 Providers



6-10 Providers



> 10 Providers

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For as little as $1 per new patient

*based on 40 new patients per month


  • subscription licence

  • helpdesk support

  • application updates & improvements