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6 Payment


If you are paying for yourself, you need to view and accept the Payment Terms & Conditions which are specified in the Authorisation section of this form.

Parent or Guardian

If a parent or guardian is paying, they need to view and accept the Payment Terms & Conditions which are specified in the Authorisation section of this form.


If you have arranged for an alternative method of payment please make sure the staff are aware of this prior to your consultation or treatment


Accepted claim:

Note - ACC do not pay for personal expenses.


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Documents and/or Photos which maybe uploaded after completion of this form include:-
  • Referral Letter
  • Medical Certificate
  • Approval for Treatment (Workcover, ACC, Health Fund etc)
  • Medical reports or History
  • Condition related photos

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8 Authorisation



This practice is committed to providing quality healthcare for its patients. As a fundamental part of this commitment, principals and staff of the practice recognise the importance of ensuring that our patients are fully informed and involved in their healthcare.

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Mr Finnis and several other surgeons have a financial interest in the form of shares in Beyond Radiology. In no way does this effect any management decisions.



All patients will receive an Invoice for professional services, for which they are responsible for the payment of.  Other parties such as government agencies or health insurers may pay some or all of the amount invoiced, but it is still the patient's responsibility to ensure full payment is completed.

Invoices are itemised according to the fees charged by the specialist who is responsible for your care.  Other arrangements can be discussed with the professional who is providing the service.

ACC patients must provide correct details of the organisation accepting liability for payment of services including the claim number, claim approval, date of injury and employer name (if accredited by ACC) BEFORE treatment is undertaken.  If ACC decline to pay for consultations, you are responsible for payment.

You will be given your invoice after your consultation at which time settlement would be appreciated. Mastercard and VISA credit facilities are available.

The terms of the contract are settlement of all consultation accounts on the same day and surgical accounts within 30 days.

Please note, if your attendance is for a second opinion you should have all correspondence and investigations available from other clinicians.  There MAY be an increased charge for second opinions.


I have read the Privacy Policy and give permission for medical records to be kept about me and for correspondence to be sent to my referring doctor, general practitioners, other associated clinical providers and insurance company, where appropriate. 


I understand I am responsible for giving my specialist the correct ACC details and ensure my ACC claim has been accepted by ACC.  If ACC decline to pay for consultations, I understand I am responsible for the payment.


I undertake to pay all fees owing to my specialist, including, in the event that liability is denied, any outstanding accounts that have not been paid in full by my insurer.  I also understand that any outstanding monies requiring debt recovery will incur additional charges and I will also be responsible for any legal costs incurred.

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